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Frequently Asked Questions

You Ask - I Answer

Who is Meaningful Conversations for?

Meaningful Conversations is available to people who: ​

  • Are ages 6 and older

  • Live within the United States

  • Believe that they may be experiencing symptoms of the conditions we treat

Our comprehensive care model is designed for long-term treatment.

How do I know if therapy is right for me?

The ideal candidate for therapy would be someone who:​

  • Is interested in developing coping strategies to support recovery from a mental illness in addition to uncovering the root of how their symptoms may have developed in the first place.

  • Is experiencing severe, or ongoing symptoms of a diagnosed (or diagnosable) mental health condition(s)

  • Is looking for long-term treatment strategies to address and treat their mental health symptoms

Forms of payment?

  • Self-Pay

  • Credit Card

  • Insurance Providers Accepted: Oxford, United Healthcare, Aetna,  Oscar Health, Cigna

How much do the sessions cost?

  • Therapy for Individuals: $100 

  • Therapy for Couples: $150

Packages: 4 therapy sessions a month

  • Therapy for Individuals: $350

  • Therapy for Couples: $550

Missed appointment fee: $45.00

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